Personalization of training platforms

Design of online training courses

Administration of training platforms


We are Global

E-learning Consulting

We provide solutions in the design, implementation, administration, maintenance, operation, monitoring and evaluation of e-learning projects, through the educational, technological and business experience of our founders and our highly trained staff.

¿Que es Globalec?

All our services include:

The identification of particular needs

Optimizing the resources that your company already has

To provide a tailored and profitable proposal

We bring to each project:

  • Creativity

  • Commitment

  • Ethics

  • Confidentiality

  • Expertise

Why work with us?

Over 40 years in the educational field

More than 10 years

creating e-learning experiences

Excellent service

Well prepared team

And… Fair price

Our process

  • Schedule a meeting

  • Tell us your needs and requirements

  • Develop a proposal for you

  • Exchange of documentation and contract

  • Check our progress and give us your comments

  • Final product

  • End of the project… (hopefully many more to come)

Schedule a

meeting today!

These are some of the benefits

when you implement e-learning

People learn more and better through e-learning

People require less training time

Geographical and temporal barriers are removed

Employee retention and mobility are high

Training and travel expenses are reduced thereby raising the return on investment